Share WiFi With Neighbours And The Community.
Get Paid.

What is Ammbr?

Ammbr is a wireless mesh network built on blockchain technology.
Bandwidth is traded 24/7 in an autonomous market.

Consider this:

In Denmark (population 5.7 million), 97.09% of the population uses the Internet, compared to Eritrea (population 4.95 million) where just 1.177% of its population is online. In simpler terms, between two countries of a comparable population, one of them has nearly as many Internet users as the other does not have. This represents the problem that Ammbr was created to solve; with more than 4.1 billion people around the world lacking a reliable connection to the Internet, it is faster and more efficient for us to come together as a community to bring Internet access to new places, rather than relying on legacy Internet service providers and telecom companies to do so.

The Ammbr network, which distributes Internet bandwidth using a “mesh” network of many distributed Internet routers, uses a proprietary cryptocurrency called AMR as its native currency. AMR can support a high rate of micro-transactions, enabling a smooth exchange of Internet bandwidth through Ammbr.

To sell Internet access, it truly is as simple as purchasing an Ammbr router, linking it to your Internet connection, and availing your Internet bandwidth to users on the Ammbr network. When people use your bandwidth, they will automatically pay you through Ammbr, using AMR tokens.

Then, to buy Internet access, simply load Ammbr to your laptop or smartphone to connect to an Ammbr signal. Once you’re connected, you will have access to high-speed Internet. All of the technical activity, including the AMR token payment, takes place seamlessly in the background.

All of these functions can be managed in a user-friendly way, with Ammbr’s easy-to-use applications for smartphones and computers.

The Ammbr Mesh WiFi

Run an Ammbr device and trade connectivity with your neighbors or passersby.
Earn a profit.

  1. WiFi base station
  2. IoT module - sub 1Ghz (ZigBee, Dash 7)
  3. High frequency, High speed
  4. Point to multipoint (LTE-U etc)
  5. Blockchain resource module (Memory, CPU & Storage)

Load Ammbr on your phone or laptop and enjoy the same connection you would at home, anywhere within range of an Ammbr signal.

Innovative Technology

Full Spectrum Mesh Semiconductor

 Increase the range of your WiFi access point while providing built in support for a multitude of protocols and spectrum. Full spectrum mesh is WiFi2 

Proof of Velocity Semiconductor

Securely underpins the blockchain that carries the transactional history of the Ammbr marketplace and economy in a chip so power efficient, it can be used in mobile applications. 

6 Point Beam Forming WiFi Antenna

Optimizes your connection by realtime beam forming which concentrates signal power in the precise direction needed to increase range & throughput.

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