e-Chat is not just an instant messenger, it is a platform for solving everyday problems, developed on the basis of blockchain technology.

Works in all countries of the world

Decentralized messenger with p2p, blockchain & IPFS

Money transfer

Application is temporary available in the AppStore and PlayMarket


Multi-currency crypto wallet which can not be disabled or monitored

The exclusive option is the “Cryptolike”

This is an opportunity to send tip to users for their content. Just imagine that your revenue will grow automatically with number of your subscribers!

Video calls in HD quality

Get started with e-CHAT and stay closer to family and friends with our crystal-clear video calling.

Voice conferences up to 10 people

Make free group calls with e-Chat. You can add up to 10 people.

e-Chat is a social network of a new generation that allows you to communicate with your loved ones and get to know new people. Share your life with e-Chat!

We believe that decentralization will become the future of the Internet development. Thanks to the decentralization of the system, you can achieve complete scalability without expanding and supporting the network and server infrastructure. The solution will also be free and resistant to attempts to closure and censorship.

We do not disclose our developers. We believe that they are the most vulnerable links for possible pressure from law enforcement agencies and governments, but you can be sure that our team has a great deal of experience working on similar projects in the instant messengers, telecom, and blockchain fields.

e-Chat is a secure, decentralized messenger with an integrated payment system. e-Chat can not be disabled or blocked because it does not have centralized servers and all information is encrypted in a distributed data store (IPFS). e-Chat is one of the few
messengers that has an official work permit in China and is simultaneously available for use in all countries of the world. e-Chat
development team also plans to integrate a multi-currency wallet with the ability to send cryptocurrency between users, encouraging friends for interesting content thanks to the unique function "cryptolike" (the ability to send rewards to users for their content).

To participate in the distribution of e-Chat ICO tokens, you need to have an Ethereum-compatible wallet or other private key storage application that is only available to you. You will need secret keys to use intelligent contractual functions, including the transfer of cryptographic tokens. You can send ETH only from a compatible wallet, so never use encryption sharing for this purpose.

Yes, considering that the ICO token is compatible with the ERC-20 token, it is transmitted using ETH gas tariffs applicable to any other transactions in the Ethereum network

You can receive ICO tokens for e-chat, identified as compatible markers with ERC-20 in the Ethereum blockchain at the end of the ICO.

e-Chat ICO Token is an ERC20 marker based on the Ethereum platform. Token owners can easily store and manage their e-Chat coins using the official Ethereum wallet and other existing Ethereum customers.

No, you need to create an Ethereum address, since the e-Chat ICO tokens will be released in the Ethereum blockchain.

1,5 USD taking into account the discount of 15% (from February 1-8) the price will be 1,275 USD per token

There is no minimum amount for investment

You can use any wallets that support invested cryptocurrencies. You can also invest directly from crypto-exchanges

Tokens will appear within a few hours after the transaction is confirmed.

Unsold tokens will be frozen 

The token will be represented on the largest crypto-exchanges within the first week after the ICO completion, as the team has created a whole department that deals with partnership issues with exchanges, but you should know that most exchanges do not allow you to make official announcements before the listing.

We are building a transaction structure on the Ethereum blockchain, as it gives us an expressive force that is very necessary when implementing an advanced, defenseless platform.

ERC20 is the standard interface for tokens. ERC20 tokens are simply a kind of Etherium token. To achieve full compatibility with ERC20, the developer needs to insert a specific set of functions into his clever contract, which will allow them to perform the following actions at a high level:

  • to obtain a complete token security.
  • to receive information about your account balance.
  • to transmit the token.
  • to confirm the fact of the consumption of the token.

The ERC20 allows to interact perfectly with other smart contracts and decentralized applications in the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, it can, depending on the laws of the state. This can be a method of payment, a digital asset, a foreign currency or even a service. Therefore, you must decide in advance which jurisdiction you want to include. After that, you need to study the relationship of tax authorities and crypto-power relations in your country.

According to the US legislation, American citizens do not have the possibility to take part in the e-Chat ICO. You can participate in the ICO if you do not have US citizenship, do not have permanent residence in the USA, as well as in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other territories controlled by the US.

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