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  • Free to play. No deposit. No risk 
  • Win real prize money 
  • All major sports and leagues 
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Welcome to PlayUp Daily Fantasy Sports

PlayUp offers the most exciting daily fantasy sports experience. Join now for your favorite daily fantasyfootball, daily fantasy basketball, daily fantasy cricket, daily fantasy hockey, daily fantasy soccerand many more.

Always free to play. No risk. No deposit.

Our online daily fantasy sports site is always free to play. There is no deposits so there are no risks!Join now to learn why daily fantasy sports are taking over the world compared to the season long competition format. With PlayUp you can use your skills and knowledge of your favorite sports to win real prize money that you can redeem for virtually anything.

All Major Sports and Leagues

At PlayUp, you can play all of the major fantasy sports leagues: AFL, BBL, EPL, IPL, NBA, NFL, NHL, NRL,PKL and many many more. Best of all there are no season long commitments. Simply join any of our daily challenges in the lobby, create your dream team and sit back and watch. Follow the live leaderboard where your players real life actions result in fantasy points for your team. The better they do, the better you do and the more Prize Money you win.

Leading Performance Measurement Technology for Sports Fans

You can play online or via our iOS app and Google Play App. Our website uses cutting edge technology to provide the most accurate, true-to-life fantasy sports experience. The players salaries, rankings and fantasy scores accurately represent their real life performances via our proprietary technology making PlayUp the home of DFS for real sports fans.

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