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We Connect Brands To Their Customers Through Music

We connect brands to their customers through music

Engage with customers using mobile and drive business impact with a white label music streaming solution.

The more consumers listen to the music they love, the more business data brands can gather.

Give customers something fun that they all love, free streaming music on their mobile device

Give reasons to connect every day to get exclusive and relevant content, rewards and offers

Collect deep user information in a fun way and use them to build personas

Increase your conversion rate with relevant and personalised communication

Leverage business intelligence to grow your business and drive revenue

Driving Customer Engagement

Through The #PowerOfMusic 

Grow your business using mobile engagement. Discover a powerful new channel to have  your brand heard – and monetise it.

Discover How!

More than 500 million songs streamed

through our clients'  music solutions
We deliver an innovative white label music solution

It’s a turnkey business music service ready to go, customised to the brand, with in-built innovative ideas to tailor the way it works. Enrich the music experience and supercharge the engagement!

  • Your BRANDING 
  • Your MUSIC content 
  • Organise COMPETITIONS 
  • Targeted ADS 
  •  Send PERSONALISED info
  •  GEOFENCED offers
  •  PROMOTE your products
  •  High SHARE OF EAR
  •  ENGAGED community

Ready to take advantage of the #PowerOfMusic?

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Tuned Global creates the most fluid and engaging music experience imaginable.

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