Decentralized Server-less Communication

Advanced Security

Zangi places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. Its encryption, set by default, protects transmitted data from 3rd parties. Conversations and user data is not stored anywhere besides your device. No traces are left on the internet.

New Cutting-Edge Technology

Our in-house built technologies substantially reduce mobile data usage, making Zangi the most cost-beneficial messenger out there.

With Zangi, you save tremendously. You can make great quality calls while consuming 6 times less data than you would with other messengers.

Always Stay Connected

Does your audio or video keep cutting out during
calls? Switch to Zangi for the best quality possible.
With Zangi you never have to worry about crowded Wi-Fi or slow network issues. Our audio and video calls are clean and uninterrupted thanks to our new-era technologies.

Build Your Custom Communication Solution

Build your own apps based on Zangi Platform, with features like messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, group chat, on top of which you can build any business solution.

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